Where is the ‘lower’ fuel prices we promised – Ken Agyapong questions gov’t

Where is the ‘lower’ fuel prices we promised – Ken Agyapong questions gov’t

About 72-hours after the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Hassan Tampuli said the recent increase in fuel prices at the pump is attributable to world market prices and government cannot do anything about it, he has received a reply from a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Kennedy Agyapong who is asking his party to remember what they said about fuel prices during the erstwhile John Mahama government.

“For me whether world market prices or no world market prices, when NDC increase fuel prices I spoke out it is my turn and I want them (NPP) to fix it.” Kennedy Agyapong said in an interview MyNewsGH.com transcribed word for word.

The price of petrol and diesel is currently pegged at GH¢5.21 per litre, up from the previous price of GH¢5.07 per litre, as Energy Think tank IES warned about. IES Research Analyst Mikdad Mohammed said despite a reduction in the price of crude oil on the international market, Ghanaians should still expect to pay more as finished product prices had risen.

The NPA boss Mr Tampuli later corroborated it when the increment took effect but added that “the increments in prices at the various pumps are within the permitted indicative prices.”.

“Almost all the OMCs that have moved the prices up are within the indicative price range. We observed some shocks on the international market. LPG price has gone up by about 2.21%, and petrol by about 2.94 %, and diesel has gone up by 6.37%. That is what we have seen on the international market. The imposition of sanctions on Iran by the United States has also impacted negatively on the prices on the international market,” he said.

Mr Kennedy Agyapong however believes more can be done about high fuel prices, asking that if the government could dole out billions for collapsing banks, why can’t it make money available to reduce fuel as it promised to do.

“You are embarking on a development and can take the money and go and resuscitate a bank that is about to collapse but when there is oil revenue is in and prices of your finished products are up you can’t cushion it and you shift that responsibility to the consumer,” he said.

“Ah!… we have to be fair. Why!?” He lamented The NPP that is in government must explain to the citizenry but if they are unable to explain it would go against them.

Source; mynewsgh.com



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