Private companies to start selling electricity in Ghana by 2023

Private companies to start selling electricity in Ghana by 2023

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has stated that the retail of power to domestic homes will be opened up to private distribution companies in 2023.

By this, the Power Distribution Services (PDS) will not be the only company supplying electricity to domestic consumers.

The move is aimed at creating competition to help make the cost of power competitive.

Speaking to Citi business News, the Managing Director Samuel Boakye-Appiah explained that the deal was part of the privatization concession of the ECG to PDS.

“For now GRIDCo has the big transmission lines. All the power producers produce energy and passes it through GRIDCo. When retail competition kicks in, PDS’ operations will be a network operator because the distribution network has been leased to them”.

Mr. Boakye-Appiah stated that retail companies will be allowed to purchase the power and then distributed to specific areas.

“You can setup a retail company and say you are a power distributor at Madina or Adenta,” he said, adding that the retailer can buy from any producer and the power will be channeled through GRIDCo and PDS to the consumer.

He observed that such a development will also provide consumers an opportunity to choose which company will supply electricity to their homes.





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