Oil production soars in Angola

Oil production soars in Angola

Angola’s oil output saw an increase in January this year at 34.29 million barrels, a rise of 583,16 barrels from December 2022.

The data comes from the National Oil, Gas, and Biofuels Agency’s (ANPG) January report, which explains that the country’s average daily production was roughly 1.106 million barrels, compared to the total of 1.119 million expected productions.

The country’s output in December 2022 was 33.7 million barrels, equivalent to a daily average of 1. 087 million crude oil barrels.

In January, associated petrol production reached 82.5 million cubic feet (MMSCFD), corresponding to a daily average of 2 662 million (MMSCFD), of which 1 289 MMSCFD was injected and 773 MMSCFD was made available to the Angola LNG plant.

Another 317 MMSCFD was used for power generation at the oil facilities, with the remainder being used for crude oil operations and offloading.

The ALNG Plant produced 4. 2 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) in January, corresponding to a daily average of 135 657 barrels of oil equivalent (BOEPD).

LNG production was 110 226 BOEPD, propane production was 11 374 BOEPD, butane production was 7 986 BOEPD, and condensates production was around 6 071 BOEPD.

During the same time period, the Cabinda Association’s associated gas production reached 1 017 MMSCFD, allowing the extraction of 302 824 barrels of LPG, corresponding to a daily average of 9 769 barrels divided into propane and butane.

The total amount of oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) produced was 34 597 663 BOE, corresponding to a daily average of 1 116 054 barrels of oil equivalent, with an operating efficiency of 88.90%, compared to the initial forecast of 93.01%.

Source: Energy Ghana





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