New electricity tariffs take effect today, Sept 1

New electricity tariffs take effect today, Sept 1

The 27.15 per cent tariff increase for electricity consumption announced last month by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) takes effect today September 1, 2022.

On August 15, the Commission publicised the newly approved rates for the utilities; electricity at 27.15 per cent, and 21.55 per cent for water.

With its implementation, residential consumers are estimated to be severely impacted by the new tariffs, as they will now have to pay 36.12 per cent more for what they consume on zero to over 600 units.

Customers will pay slightly more with the new tariffs, depending on consumer category and consumption, based on calculations, the incorporation of the statutory fees for VAT, as well as the streetlights and the national electrification levies.

Lifeline users who consume between zero and 30 units will see a 28.52 per cent increase, while commercial consumers and those on the Special Load Tariff will see a 5 per cent increase.

William Boateng, ECG Director of Communications, advised consumers to conserve energy in order to keep their consumption levels within budget.

Breaking down the numbers for the new tariffs, he explained that while the PURC approved tariff was the collective average, consumers may pay more or less depending on the category they fall in.

“Let me use this simple analogy to explain. If 25 people eat 50 balls of kenkey, the assumption is that on the average each person will eat two balls. However, when you actually break it down, you will find out that while some people may eat just one, others may eat two and others even three or four balls.

“So, per the increment, anyone who falls within the lifeline category and consumes from zero to 30 units could pay as little as GH¢15.32.”

Mr Boateng asserted that the ECG was ready to begin full implementation of the new tariff after programming its servers and systems.

He also stated that the technical staff who dealt with billing had received training to effectively and efficiently assist customers in adjusting to the new tariff.

Meanwhile, the Daily Graphic has hinted that the Ghana Water Company Limited is yet to implement the new tariff, as it awaits a gazetted tariff from PURC.

Source: Energy Ghana



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