Kenyan Youth Urged to Exploit Solar Energy Opportunities

Kenyan Youth Urged to Exploit Solar Energy Opportunities

The Kenyan-based Social Enterprise Toolkit Iskill (TTI) has urged the country’s youth to embrace the vast opportunities in the clean energy sector.

According to the organisation, there is severe shortage of trained technicians capable of installing and maintaining solar equipment in the country.

A report prepared by ToolKit in collaboration with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and the French Embassy estimates that the country will require up to 30,000 trained solar technicians by 2025, a figure that the company believes will not be met if the current number of youths trained in solar by the Technical and Vocational Training Institutes (TVET) are anything to go by.

Jane Muigai, Director and Founder, Toolkit Iskills (TTI) said, “We did this report to provide evidence of the work of the Toolkit Iskill, to map solar companies in Kenya that gave us all the skill set that they are looking for in the youth.”

TTI launched a training programme aimed at youth in Nairobi and Kakuma to fill the current gap in the solar market. The training was based on existing government curriculum and was enhanced to meet the current demands of the private sector.

The program’s trainees have received certification that will allow them to work anywhere in Kenya and East Africa.

Muigai criticised the importation of technicians to meet the African continent’s clean energy needs, despite the continent’s youthful population.

She said, “Africa is importing skilled labor when it’s teeming with a youth dividend. We need to take advantage of the growing sectors in Africa.”

Source: Energy Ghana





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