Kan – Dapaah Leaked Tape: Photo of guy behind leak pops up

Kan – Dapaah Leaked Tape: Photo of guy behind leak pops up

Man who leaked the “Kan Dapaah Video” pleads for mercy

Evidence reaching our outfit regarding the biggest story of the day from a very reliable source, has named the man responsible for the leaked video of the Hon Ministry of National Security Kan Dapaah as Bernard Akash Abbey Quaye.

Bernard is alleged to be a close friend of the lady in the video who has now also been identified as Chantelle Kujawu, an “international business woman” as alleged by some blogs.



Bernard we understand is an aluminus of Cape coast University currently working as a Tax Professional in Bronx USA. He is married with three kids. He is currently in the USA living at 2520 Farrel Drive Arpt 212, Columbus Ohio. It is however unclear exactly what his
Photos of Bernard Akash Abbey Quaye

Intentions or motivations are for sending the now viral video. A lot of speculations are going round about this been a set-up to entrap the honorable minister by pelting him with filth in an attempt to remove him from office.

The wildly circulated video shows the honourable minister in a conversation with his girlfriend. While the face of the girlfriend is not seen in the video, she could be heard urging the minister to show his face. At a point, she asked Kan Dapaah to show her what he was wearing and he gladly obliged and showed the back and front of the pyjamas he had on. He even turned around to properly show the outfit. Kan Dapaah later disclosed that he wished the lady was around so he could hug her adding that the lady’s hug put him to sleep the last time they met.

The Lady who has now been reliably identified as Chantelle Kujawu has yet to comment on the video.

The video is said to have been recorded about 8 months ago but was just released by Bernard Akash.

Screen shots of alleged whatsapp message between him (Bernard Akash) and the Lady Chantelle shows him expressing remorse for his actions and begging for forgiveness. Aspects of the message reads as follows;

“Please I’m begging you, I know u can do anything to me, I have betrayed ur trust so bad plsss im begging you…” “Please chantelle, I’m Akash you know me. I have sinned and wronged u so heavily. I wish I can change things. I feel disturbed and dead. Im chatting u from the bathroom cos I don’t want them to see my state….”


Bernard as evidenced by the messages is seen begging for his life and asking for forgiveness. He expresses regret and is ready for any punishment that may come his way as a result of this, including his arrest in Ghana. He however begs that his wife and family should be taken out of any reprimands that may result from his actions.

Kindly stay tuned while we bring you more information from our investigations.




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