Global Offshore Wind Alliance Launches

Global Offshore Wind Alliance Launches

A new multi-stakeholder alliance has been set up with the aim of driving installed global offshore wind capacity up 670%, from 57GW in 2021 to 380GW in 2030.

On 19 September, representatives from the Danish, US and other governments, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the offshore wind industry met at a public event in New York to discuss how to unleash the potential of offshore wind.

IRENA, GWEC and the Government of Denmark are creating a new Global Offshore Wind Alliance (GOWA) whose ambition is to create a global driving force for the uptake of offshore wind.

Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen said: “A massive increase in energy from offshore wind is key to fight climate change, phase out fossil fuels and strengthen energy security.

“We cannot do it alone but must work together across the public and private sectors as well as across countries and regions.

“The Global Offshore Wind Alliance will be a platform to do just that.”

Laura Daniel-Davis, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Land and Minerals Management, Department of the Interior, US, said: “While each country needs to take its own domestic action to address climate change, the current crisis requires us to all work together to make meaningful progress.

“The Global Offshore Wind Alliance will give us an opportunity to do just that, and the US intends to become a member when it is formally launched later this year.

“We recognise the value in global cooperation on offshore wind and the critical need for each country to do its part in tackling the climate crisis, and we hope that many others will join us as well.  It’s through collaboration that we can build a more sustainable future for everyone.”

Ben Backwell, CEO of Global Wind Energy Council added: “The wind industry is uniting with governments and UN institutions on a mission to drive a 670% uplift in installed global wind capacity by 2030.

“There couldn’t be a more crucial time for this alliance.”

“With offshore wind, the world has an effective solution for adding large amounts of zero carbon power at affordable costs, while creating jobs and new investments in industry and infrastructure all around the world.”

Source: Renews




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