Ghana Gas landowners demand compensation

Ghana Gas landowners demand compensation

Dozens of landowners in communities along the Ghana Gas Pipeline in the Western Region have issued a two-month ultimatum to the Ghana Gas Company Limited and the Land Valuation Board to honour the payment of compensations due them as a result of the compulsory annexation of their lands by the state.

The disgruntled landowners claim the company has so far only compensated them for crops destroyed.

They argue that since 2012, they have been pushing for the payment of outstanding compensation but to no avail.

The landowners said the Land Valuation Board is dragging its feet in determining the true landowners and subsequently have them paid by Ghana Gas.

The Sekondi High Court, in 2016, ruled that the landowners were entitled to compensation after thorough investigations and valuation exercises were done by the Land Valuation Board of the Lands Commission.

The leader of the disgruntled landowners, Mr Stephen Kojo Koranteng in an interview with Class News’ Abraham Mensah, appealed to the Land Valuation Board to speed up its work so they can be paid.

Meanwhile, Mr Stephen Donkor, a Senior Community Liaison Officer of Ghana Gas has told Class News that the Land Valuation Board is finding it difficult to identify the true landowners since there are multiple claimants.




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