Fixing streetlights not mandate of Energy Ministry – NAPO

Fixing streetlights not mandate of Energy Ministry – NAPO

Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Minister of Energy, has stated that his ministry is not responsible to maintain streetlights.

According to him, it is the duty of the local government in each city and town to ensure that road furniture, such as street lights, is in good working order.

On Peace FM’s morning show yesterday, the minister listed other developed countries around the world that lack streetlights.

He said: “There is something called roadside furniture, streetlights, traffic lights, road markings, sheaths, and barriers. So, in every country, it is the local government and the roads people in the city that come together to fix street lights. When you go to Germany, there are no streetlights on the autobahn because it is not the duty of the Energy Minister of Germany to fix street lights.

“When you get to the Cities, it is the duty of the cities to fix street lights. So, the street lights, they’ve done it in an artistic manner. So, it is not the duty of the Energy Ministry to fix street lights. It is the local government that has to own street lights, and the cities and towns have to pay for the streetlights. It is to be owned and operated by the local government in partnership with the Energy distribution company in the area,” he added.

However, the minister stated that the local government levies are to be used to fund the operation of the street lights.

Source: Energy Ghana



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