Fisheries Minister commends GOIL

Fisheries Minister commends GOIL

Mavis Hawa Koomson, the Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, has commended GOIL for supplying quality Marine Gas Oil and lubricants to fishing vessels.

Local companies such as GOIL are well positioned and capable of providing quality services to sustain the industry, she noted in a keynote address at a fisheries stakeholder meeting on Fuel Bunkering Services for marine vessels in Tema.

The minister emphasised the importance of fuel bunkering operations in the industry, calling for guaranteed, timely, safe, and closely monitored bunkering services to protect crew members from piracy and other extremist activities.

She urged offshore Marine Gasoil Bunkering operators in Ghanaian territorial waters to secure supplies from oil companies with the necessary operating permits from regulatory bodies.

J.B. Tagoe, GOIL’s Head of Technical and Special Products, assured stakeholders that GOIL has partnered with them by providing quality services at competitive prices and with the best credit facilities.

He told fishing vessel owners, “We expanded and made ourselves visible at sea, providing you with Marine Gas Oil of highest international standard. Quality is always the cutting-edge differentiator for every customer like you and that is what GOIL provides. GOIL also provides quality marine lubricants that meets your engines’ specifications.”

The Chief Executive Officer of AMSOL Ghana, Technical Partners of GOIL, encouraged Ghanaians to buy GOIL products because if GOIL wins, the government and people of Ghana will reap the greatest benefits in terms of profit retention in Ghana.

Grace Jeanet Mason, South Africa’s High Commissioner to Ghana, urged the Fisheries Ministry to continue engaging stakeholders to protect the oceans from pollution and environmental degradation. She committed to sharing best practises with Ghana.

Stakeholders also requested a roundtable discussion with the Ministry and GOIL to find a long-term solution to the impact of fuel price instabilities on industry operations.

Present at the meeting were representatives of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Ghana Maritime Authority, National Petroleum Authority, executives of fisheries associations, and vessel owners and companies.

Source: Energy Ghana




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