Energy sector’s challenges unpardonable – VRA

Energy sector’s challenges unpardonable – VRA

‘We are not a country that should` be saddled with challenges in the energy sector,’ this is according to the CEO of the Volta River Authority.

Addressing the gathering at the 2019 Ghana Energy Awards, CEO of VRA Ing Emmanuel Antwi Darkwa raised concerns about the need for Ghana to be energy efficient since it has the relevant resources to do so.

The VRA boss says the country can boast of appropriate energy efficient mechanisms such as fair institutional structures, right polices, and robust regulatory environment, hence, quality services desired in the society must be provided.

In his words “we have a fairly institutional structure required for every well-functioning sector, rights policies, we have a fairly robust regulatory environment, market being regulated and deregulated, exports, bulk supply and recently we have had the advent of many great systems”.

On the back of the aforementioned, he questioned the lapse in Ghana’s energy sector even though the country has the human and natural resources.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if we have the natural and human resources coupled with a good institutional setup, why do we still face challenges which are basic in the developed world?”

“We are capable of having solutions, it is not rocket science,” he added.

The VRA boss is therefore calling for inclusive stakeholder consultations in creating an efficient sector devoid of basic challenges.

The Ghana Energy Awards

The Ghana Energy Awards aims to recognize the efforts, innovation and excellence stalwarts within the energy sector and to celebrate the tremendous work of the players competing under various categories of the awards.

Some prominent categories of the awards are the Energy Personality of the Year (both male and female categories), the Rising star award, Energy Reporter, Energy Institution, Energy efficient organization of the year, as well as the Non-Competitive categories.

The Ghana Energy Awards is a perfect platform for the industry champions to gain recognition they deserve for their contribution and performance in the energy sector.





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