Energy Commission certifies new Electrical Wiring Professionals, Inspectors

Energy Commission certifies new Electrical Wiring Professionals, Inspectors

Over 800 successful candidates in the May/June Electrical Wiring Certification exams have graduated at the 17th Electrical Wiring Certification Awards Ceremony, organised by the Energy Commission on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, at its premises in Accra.

The event was under the theme: “Supporting U-Start: Building and Empowering Entrepreneurs.”

This group of certified professionals made it out of 1022 candidates who sat for the exams in the industrial, commercial and domestic categories of the Certified Electrical Wiring Programme (CEWP).

The certification thus brings the total number of certified professionals and inspectors across the country to 13266.

Certified Electrical Wiring Programme

The Electrical Wiring Programme, instituted and implemented by the Energy Commission as mandated under the Ghana Electrical Wiring Regulations 2011, has been one of the responses to address the spate of electrical fires prevalent in the country.

Its aim is to ensure that only properly qualified and certified professionals engage in electrical wiring and installation works, to well-defined standards that would promote the safety of persons, property and livestock.

Per the regulation, only Certified Electrical Wiring Professionals (CEWPs), are authorized by law to undertake indoor electrical wiring.

Director of Electricity and Natural Gas at the Energy Commission, Mr Bleboo said the certification examinations, which began in 2013, are facilitated by the Commission with cooperation from the Ghana National Fire Service, the Electricity Company of Ghana, and the Technical Training Section of the Ghana Education Service, among others.


U-Start is the government’s vehicle to support startups and is a programme to unleash entrepreneurs among the youth, according to Mr Amexson of the Ministry of Finance.

The theme of the ceremony, he said, creates a synergy between the Certified Electrical Wiring Programme and U-Start.

With the youth unemployment rate at 19.7% (Ghana Statistical Service), and high underemployment, the government hopes to use the U-Start as a means to engender entrepreneurship among the youth, and consequently expand job creation.

After presenting the certificates, officials of the Energy Commission urged the new CEWP to adhere to the strictest standards of the profession to ensure electrical safety all around the country.

At the close of the ceremony, Emmanuel Tetteh Cofie took home the Best Overall Candidate Award, while Miriam Awanor received the Best Female Candidate Award.

Source: Energy Ghana



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