Egypt: PM Follows Up Efforts to Maximize Use of Renewable Energy in Power Generation

Egypt: PM Follows Up Efforts to Maximize Use of Renewable Energy in Power Generation

Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli has underlined growing importance of the use of clean energy worldwide to limit carbon dioxide gas emissions from fossil fuels.

Egypt has taken strides in this respect, the premier noted during a video-conference meeting Monday night with the ministers of electricity, petroleum and finance.

The meeting took up steps to increase reliance on renewable energy, instead of natural gas, in generating electricity.

They also discussed ways to boost Egypt’s exports of natural gas.

Madbouli said his government is seeking to use energy generated from the sun and wind as an alternative to locally produced natural gas, which could very well be exported in the wake of global price hikes.

Cabinet spokesman Nader Saad said the talks also focused on an integrated and a sustainable energy strategy until 2035.

The strategy had been outlined by the petroleum and electricity ministries with the aim to come up with the best combination of energy resources that would bring in highest returns with lowest cost, Saad added.

He made it clear that the strategy has in its heart maximized contribution of renewable energy resources to that energy combination.

Work is underway to update the strategy to continue through 2040 in light of the increased contribution of new and renewable energy resources, Saad said. He also cited efforts to turn to the green economy, which would make it more possible to use green hydrogen in the energy combination as well.

Source: Egypt Online



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