ECG prepares Krobo District for tension-free year

ECG prepares Krobo District for tension-free year

Krobo district under the Tema region of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) stood out as a hotspot of threats, agitations, and disruptions among all the operational areas of the power distributor from the latter part of 2021 to 2022.  This situation arose as a result of a five-year standoff between some communities in the Krobo enclave and the utility provider.

A variety of factors contributed to the impasse, ranging from rejection and refusal to pay bills to kicking against the implementation of prepaid metres. These series of incidents were characterised by protests, loss of life, destruction of property, and threats to the lives of ECG staff, which resulted in the relocation of the district office from Somanya to Juapong.

Local media [Joy Business] reported on a number of stakeholder engagements, including both local and national approaches, in search of a resolution to the situation.

Yet, further threats from some communities forced ECG to rely on armed police protection to augment its field personnel involved in the prepaid metre processes. The Ghana Army’s 49 Field Engineers Regiment also had to provide technical assistance.

The actions and responses of all parties in recent years have led sections of the public to wonder about a possible amicable settlement between both parties. However, the power distributor has resorted to a variety of measures such as fun games.

Over the weekend fun games including football, table tennis, and draughts, were organised at the Yilo Krobo Senior High School (Yikrosec). The football matches involved teams from the Somanya Police, ECG, and the Army [in one team], Kpong, and the school team.

After an exciting, action-packed, and pulsating final, the ECG/Military team secured a 5-3 win on penalties over their Kpong counterparts.

Presenting a commemorative cup to the winning team, Ing. Emmanuel Akinie, General Manager, ECG Tema Region, stated that the day was significant in the coexistence of all stakeholders.

Ing. Christopher Apawu, Acting District Manager, ECG Krobo District and Sakyiwaa Mensah, Public Relations Officer for Tema Region, ECG, were among those present.

Source: Energy Ghana





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