ECG, PDS in control of transition challenges

ECG, PDS in control of transition challenges

The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited (ECG) and Power Distribution Services Ghana Limited (PDS) have assured the general public that they would work with the Private Power Producers (IPPs) through the various challenges associated with the transition.

The assurance is based on the good working relations during this transition period since March 1, 2019, as a result of ongoing discussions in various media regarding purported challenges between power generators and the distributors (PDS), specifically regarding the non-payment of financial obligations.

The ECG, with the support of the government and other key state institutions, has, since March 1, 2019, successfully handed over its distribution and retail business to the PDS, with the aim to improve efficiency in the power distribution sector.

A joint statement issued in Accra by ECG and PDS indicated that the ECG would continue to play the role of Asset Owner and Holder of the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and continue to be responsible for handling all matters relating to the supply and payment for power from the IPPs.

The ECG and PDS urged the general public to exercise due care in taking on board rumours and uncorroborated information, especially from unauthorised quarters.

They also gave the assurance that any electricity supply challenge of significance would be properly brought to the direct attention of the general public, and its attendant mitigating arrangements would also be properly spelt out.

The ECG and PDS further thanked the Government of Ghana, the IPPs, the PURC, Energy Commission, Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) and all stakeholders for their decisive and continued support in delivering electricity to propel the socio-economic development of Ghana.





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