Deal with the rot at BOST – Government told

Deal with the rot at BOST – Government told

Energy analyst Kojo Poku Nsafoah has alleged that there is “a lot of rot” at the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST), therefore petitioning government to intervene to sanitize the state-owned company

According to him, BOST was becoming an issue due to the varying conflicts of interest.

He said that is making it difficult for any appointed officer to salvage the image of the company.

BOST had suffered successive scandals leading to the resignation or dismissal of two of its managing director in three years.

Edwin Provencal was on Monday, August 26 appointed the new Managing Director though yet to be confirmed by the board of the company.

Mr Provencal was nominated by President Nana Akufo-Addo to replace George Mensah Okley, who resigned from the position last Friday.

Speaking in an interview on News 360 on TV3, Mr Poku Nsafoah said the government “should be able to appoint someone who can go in there to clear the rot”.

“For me, I think there is a lot of rot at BOST and we need somebody that can go in there and I am hoping the gentleman they have appointed who is a technical director at the ministry [of Energy] would be able to do the work and not only do the work but be left alone to do the work.

“People going in there and try and make sure that their pockets are filled with several contracts, people trying to have diverse interest, all sort of things converging into making whoever is put there’s life unbearable is not helping the sanity of BOST,” he explained.

BOST has had a change of Managing Director consistently since 2016 with some lasting 18 months in the office before being asked to resign over one scandal or the other.

“We need BOST to be there to have a medium to long term strategy. For now, moving one person every one-and-a-half to two years is not giving continuity in terms of that medium to long term planning,” Kojo Poku said.




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