Concerned drivers mull over 40% transport fare increase after NPA action

Concerned drivers mull over 40% transport fare increase after NPA action

The leadership of concerned drivers’ association is holding a crunch meeting on the possible increment of transport fares on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

According to the union, up to 40 percent increment could be looming.

The group says they sympathise with Ghanaians on the current economic hardships, but in order to keep them in business, they are left with no other option than to adjust transport fares upward.

The association says the increment is influenced by the decision of the National Petroleum Authority to re-introduce the price Stabilisation and Recovery Levy, today, Tuesday, February 1, 2021.

The Association urged Ghanaians to embrace the new transport fares when it takes effect.

The Association also encouraged Ghanaians to avoid fighting drivers and their conductors when the new fares are implemented.

The NPA suspended the levy in October 2021 as part of efforts to cushion consumers from the constant rise in the price of fuel products in the country. This was upon the request of President Akufo-Addo.

However, the NPA in a press statement Monday, January 31, 2022, said the zeroing of the PSRL cannot be extended any further as it remains the source of revenue for the payment of the subsidies on Premix Fuel and Residual Fuel Oil (RFO).

“We hereby wish to inform all Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and LPG Marketing Companies (LPGMCs) that effective February 1, 2022, the PSRLs on petrol, diesel, and LPG have been fully restored.”

It added that any attempt to extend the suspension will “negatively affect the payment of subsidies to the suppliers of these products, and threaten their continuous supply to customers.”

The PSRL is 16 pesewas per liter on petrol, fourteen pesewas per litre (GHp14/Lt) on diesel, and fourteen pesewas per kilogram (GHp14/Kg) on LPG.

Currently, some Oil Marketing Companies are already selling fuel beyond the GH¢ 7 per litre mark which means the reintroduction of the levy will send prices further above GH¢ 7 per litre.




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