Angola: Oil Production Increased in July

Angola: Oil Production Increased in July

Oil production increased by more than two million barrels in July this year, compared to the previous month, which registered a daily production of 1.1 million barrels as average.

The total amount of production in July stood at 34.185,213 barrels against the 32.191,940 barrels produced in June, with an increase of more than two million barrels of crude.

According to the production report for the month of July published by the National Agency for Petroleum, Gas and Bio-fuels (ANPG), which ANGOP has had access to, despite the increase, Angola did not reach the daily target of 1.185,393 barrels.

In the same period, associated gas production was 86.9 million cubic feet, corresponding to an average of 2.8 million cubic feet per day (MMSCFD – Marine Million Standard Cubic Feet Per Day), with 1,415 MMSCFD injected, 713 MMSCFD made available to the Angola plant Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

The remaining 325 MMSCFD were destined for power generation at the petroleum facilities and another part was used in operations and oil flow.

The production of the associated gas production of the Cabinda Association was 1,240 MMSCFD, allowing the extraction of 462,778 barrels of LPG, corresponding to a daily average of 14,928 barrels, with a daily production of propane of 8,716 barrels, butane of 5,748 barrels and Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)of 464 barrels.

The National Concessionaire also says that, during the month of July, seven drilling units were in operation, three of which were drilling ships on the high seas, namely Libongos, Transocean Skyros and Maersk Voyager and another one onshore, the IDECO 350.

Drilling activities were also carried out on the ships Tender SKD Jaya, LWIV Maersk Inventor and the Hydraulic Workover unit.

Work on seventeen (17) wells, eight (8) drilling/completion operations, totaling a total drilling of 6,419 meters, is also included in the production report for the month of July.

Source: ANGOP



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