AGI Energy Service Center officially launched

AGI Energy Service Center officially launched

The Association of Ghana Industries along with the Deputy Minister of Energy, Joseph Cudjoe Thursday, September 12th 2019, launched an Energy Service Centre to provide independent advisory services on renewable energy and energy sufficiency for business owners.

The newly launched AGI Service Center will serve as a hub for information, project assistance and market linkages relating to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

During the official launch at the Accra International Conference Center, Vice President of AGI, Charles Darku noted that “energy is the single critical input in any business besides the businesses own raw materials and pitch stock and energy can make or unmake a business undertaken. Whether your business is profitable or not… depends on large measure on how you use energy that is available to you. Is that energy cheap, is it reliable or is it available in sufficient quantities when you need them and are you being efficient in its use?”

“These are the critical questions on the minds of most business leaders as they try to devise strategies to make their businesses successful. And it is the reason for the opening of AGI Business Center”, he explained.

Mr Darku added that “with the country’s objective to achieve 10% renewable energy mix by 2020, there is the need to make renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions readily available, accessible to industrial and domestic users”.

He noted that, over the years, many small and medium-sized enterprises across the country collapsed due to the electricity crisis they were faced with, which subsequently adversely affected the economic development of the country.

He further stated that “in the recently published second quarter of AGI business barometer, for instance, high cost of electricity stood out as the number of industry and this requires that industry continue to look for cheaper and more sustainable means of generating power”.





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