Adeleke tackles Nigeria’s energy crisis with art

Adeleke tackles Nigeria’s energy crisis with art

The exhibition of paintings titled ‘Light Resolutions’ by Akeem Adeleke, which addresses Nigeria’s hydra-headed problem of electricity supply, publicly opened on November 20, 2022 at the Legacy Empire Gallery, LLC, and will continue until November 24, 2022.

Akeem Adeleke, known for his meticulous depictions of Nigerian landscapes, is a futuristic artist with vision and direction. His luminous and detailed landscapes express his vision for his country, even if they are diametrically opposed to Nigerian reality.

Curator Mathew Oyedele writes beautifully about the theme that strikes at the heart of Nigeria’s problem – darkness, which originated from people’s minds and resulted physically in the failure of electricity supply.

“Nigeria may be the giant of Africa,” Oyedele writes, “but one of its biggest problems is irregular power supply. This poor power situation has paralyzed economic activities and hindered economic development. Following the artist’s journey to investigate Nigeria’s electricity problem, Adeleke continues his exploration through painting on the theme of power outage”.”

He explores the themes of epileptic electricity, resolution, class struggle, and human relationships in this body of work.

The first section, which is divided into two parts, delves into Nigeria’s history, with the artist metaphorically highlighting the failure of the electricity sector and its impact on the average citizen’s daily life through the confrontation of light and darkness. Each piece in this section explains how the struggle for electricity affects the masses and the country’s overall economic development. “Adeleke is interested in how we can solve problems as a country and what can serve as a catalyst for the energy sector’s future.

“The second section of the exhibition focuses on interpersonal relationships. It all comes down to the human spirit and sharing our inner light and knowledge. How we allow other people to radiate through our actions and interactions unconsciously.”

The artist investigates horses as metaphors for strength, forward movement, progress, and power in the third section. The audience is invited to enter the space and share stories about social issues, solutions, human relationships, and psychology.

Akeem Adeleke, the exhibiting artist, responded to questions about his career as an artist, his theme, and the things that inspire him, “I chose to make the problems of Nigeria my country my own theme – the problem of electricity. Electricity problem in Nigeria,” the artist says, “is a big problem I want to be a thing of the past. I am prophesying with my painting that the problem of darkness shall come to pass in Nigeria.”

The exhibition is being sponsored by Legacy Empire Gallery, LLC.

Source: Energy Ghana




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