26,425 Ghanaians employed in mining sector – Govt

26,425 Ghanaians employed in mining sector – Govt

The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Kwaku Asomah-Cheremeh, has said the mining sector in Ghana has employed a total of 26,425 Ghanaians as of June 2019.

He noted that the sector continues to generate employment for the people of Ghana, providing livelihood for thousands across the country.

“As at June 2019, a total of 26,425 persons are employed directly and indirectly by the mining sector. This is a marked improvement over last year’s full year employment figure of 23,894,” he said at a press conference in Accra on Wednesday September 11.

He added: “Ghanaian participation in the mining sector has been on the rise. In 2018, local procurement of goods accounted for 87.3% (USD 1.4 billion) of total procurement in the mining sector. Whilst not resting these recent achievements, the Government in 2018, introduced a new category of services that will be provided solely by Ghanaians from mining communities.

“As at June 2019, a total of twenty (25) local companies have been registered by the Commission to provide these services. Opening up this space is expected to generate more employment and benefit to the local economy.

“Whilst not relying solely on Industry to generate employment for Ghanaians, the Government, through mining sector agencies is undertaking alternative livelihood programmes within 25 mining communities in Eastern, Central and Western Regions. The aim of the programme is to generate economically viable non-mining jobs in mining communities as a way of stemming the menace of Illegal mining.

“Let me say that, to date a total of over 5,301 jobs (formal and informal) have been created in mining communities  made up of 3,860 males and 1,441 females representing 73% and 27% respectively.”


Source: Laudbusiness.com/Ghana (nartey.laud@yahoo.com)



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