NPP’s management of energy sector better than the NDC – Bawumia, Vice President

NPP’s management of energy sector better than the NDC – Bawumia, Vice President

The ruling government, contrary to assertions of poor governance by its opposition, has insisted that it has performed incredibly better in the management of the economy, especially with regards to the petroleum sector.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President and Head of the Economic Management team of the party has said that his government, in its three and half-year rule, has drastically reduced challenges in the petroleum and power sectors, thus bringing relief to Ghanaians.

Speaking at the outdooring of Nana Addo Danka Akuffo Addo as the party’s  presidential candidate for the 2020 general elections, the Veep noted that the government has brought the country’s notorious ‘Dumsor’ and its associated discomforts to a closure, which is obviously a significant relief to citizens.

He said his government has reduced tariffs by 10.9% as against a cumulative increase of 264% by the NDC-led government. Moreover, it has reduced tariffs by 50% for the period of April to May, 2020.

These interventions, he said, have been responsive to alleviate the economic burdens on the people.

Dr Bawumia also stressed that during the NPP’s short term in office, petroleum prices have increased by half of the rate at which it occurred under the former NDC-led government. However, the current government has managed to address the impact of such on the country.

Recently, the largest opposition party, the NDC, in its assessment of the performance of the current government across board, revealed that of all 45 promises made by the NPP in its 2016 manifesto regarding improving the petroleum, power and energy sectors, it has only delivered 8 of them (18%) and failed to deliver on the remaining 37 promises (82%). Such undelivered promises include re-orienting energy tariff policy to reduce burden on businesses.

However, in addition to refuting the opposition’s claim, the Vice President has asked the NDC to “not only read data but they should try to understand it so they don’t mislead Ghanaians”.

Source: Energy Ghana

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