Mr Senyo Hosi endorses punctuality pledge form

Mr Senyo Hosi endorses punctuality pledge form

The Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distribution Company (CBOD) Senyo Hosi, has charged all state institutions, Politicians, Civil Servants to be strict with time management because but it has direct impact on the productivity of economy.

Mr Senyo Hosi made this statement when the Punctuality Ghana Foundation paid a courtesy call on him to sign the Punctuality Pledge form in Accra. Mr Hosi however did not hesitate on accepting the invitation to endorse important cause been pursued by the Punctuality Ghana Foundation because punctuality is a cultural problem that has denied the country of productivity.

According to Mr Senyo Hosi Lateness is dishonorable and unless we start creating awareness the menace will not be solved
and that when we are punctual and productive it will add to our internally generated funds and thus enhance productivity.

The Lead Crusader for the Punctuality Ghana Mr. Amarquaye therefore noted that the Foundation is currently focused on public education especially among the youth and also to facilitate and deepen the sense of being punctual to work in government businesses.

However the CEO of Chamber of Bulk Oil Distribution Company (CBOD) Senyo Hosi recommended that we start scoring time in our Universities and schools and also time management and productivity should be taught in our Universities.


Source: Christopher Agbodo Ranson

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