Mozambique: PM Calls for Implementation of Key Electricity Projects

Mozambique: PM Calls for Implementation of Key Electricity Projects

Mozambican Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario on Wednesday called for greater commitment from the publicly owned electricity company, EDM, to guarantee implementation of the company’s strategic projects.

Rosario was speaking during the ceremony at which the new chairperson of the EDM board, Marcelino Gildo Alberto, was sworn into office.

As key EDM projects, he stressed the “Energy for All” programme, which seeks to bring electrical power within reach of all citizens by the year 2030, the 400 megawatt gas-fired power station under construction at Temane, in the southern province of Inhambane, and the Metoro solar power station in Cabo Delgado in the far north, which should generate 40 megawatts.

Key electricity distribution projects include the 400 kv transmission lines from Temane to Maputo, and from Chimuara to Alto Molocue, in Zambezia province, and the 110 kv line from Chibabava to Vilanculo.

“Implementing these and other structuring projects will require from the new chairperson and from all EDM workers redoubled commitment”, said Rosario. He urged the company’s new governing team to prioritise participatory and inclusive management, and to strengthen the partnerships between EDM and the other stakeholders who act in the Mozambican electricity sector.

The Prime Minister said that Alberto should also prioritise continual improvement in the provision of good quality service to the consumers, and to maintain a good relationship with the company’s strategic partners. Rosario said this would help mobilise finance and investments for the company’s key projects.

Also critical for the future, he added, was the development of electricity interconnections with the neighbouring countries in the framework of the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). The regional initiative, Rosario added, will ensure that Mozambique plays a prominent role in the energy sector of SADC (Southern African Development Community).

For his part, Alberto guaranteed that EDM is prepared to implement the projects mentioned by the Prime Minister. The company had already ensured the electrification of all district capitals in the country, and the coming stage is to ensure that power flows to the next rung down in the local state administration, that of the administrative post. He said that more than 100 administrative posts will be electrified in the current five year period (2020-2024).

This will require investment of 120 million US dollars. “The government is willing to finance part of this sum”, Alberto said, “and, naturally, we shall have to look towards our cooperation partners who have helped us a great deal. They helped us in the electrification of the districts, and we believe they will continue to finance part of this programme”.

As for achieving universal access to electricity by 2030, Alberto said this will require about 400,000 new electricity connections a year.

Prior to his appointment, Alberto was an adviser to the previous chairperson, Aly Sicola. He also coordinated the drafting of key EDM documents, including the company’s Strategy for 2018-2028, and its business plan for 2020-2024.


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