MiDA to assist ECG’s financial operations with Meter Management System project

MiDA to assist ECG’s financial operations with Meter Management System project

As part of efforts to assist the technical and financial operations of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA), says it will by end of this year undertake a Meter Management System (MMS) project.

According to the Technical Controller at MiDA, Ing. William Amuna, the project will provide real-time and reliable data from all the meters in ECG’s meter systems together to efficiently monitor and manage power distribution.

“We’re undertaking a number of IT projects and one of which is the Meter Management System project and this is supposed to get all the meters in the ECG’s system together and get real-time data to manage power supply efficiently and the project by the close of this year hopefully will be turned out to the ECG,” he said at press soiree in Accra.

“It’s quite an intensive project we’re undertaking to ensure that we’re able to get ECG to generate funds efficiently to support its operations and pay its other participating players in the energy sector,” he further explained.

Ing. William disclosed that an amount of US$14 million from the Ghana Power Compact funds will be available for the project by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) from the United States government.

The implementing agency for the Power Compact, the Millennium Development Authority is however, confident that it would complete all of its projects under the Ghana Power Compact two programme funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) as it nears its end.

The funds for the project under the Compact agreement comprised US$308.2 million from the Millennium Challenge Account and US$23 million Counterpart Funds from the Government of Ghana to enhance Electricity Company of Ghana’s (ECG) operational efficiency, to cut commercial and technical losses, improve ECG’s finances and power distribution efforts across the country.

But in October last year, Ghana lost an amount of US$190 million granted it from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), following the termination of the concession agreement between Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and private operator Power Distribution Services Ghana Ltd (PDS).

A statement from the US Embassy said the United States of America based upon the conclusions of the independent forensic investigation, the U.S. position is that the transfer of operations, maintenance, and management of the Southern Distribution Network to the private concessionaire on March 1, 2019, was valid, and therefore the termination was unwarranted.

“As such, MCC has confirmed that the $190 million funds granted to Ghana on the March 1 transfer to the 20-year concession from ECG to PDS are no longer available,” the statement from the US Embassy in Ghana said.


Source: ghanaweb.com

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