I can turn PDS around – Dr Oteng-Gyasi

I can turn PDS around – Dr Oteng-Gyasi

Chief Executive Officer of Tropical Cable and Conductor Limited Dr Tony Oteng-Gyasi has revealed that he has the potential to turn around the fortunes of suspended electricity service distributor, Power Distribution Services (PDS), when given the chance.

According to him, the price of power will reduce if PDS is efficiently managed.

He admitted that people will benefit and make money if the fortunes of PDS is turned around though the public stands to gain the most should the company succeed.

“As a company it can be turned around. If maybe the owners will come to me now and say that Tony we think that come into ECG and help us turn it round and I will put down my conditions,” he said.

He told Paa Kwesi Asare, the host, that he wouldn’t share the solution with him, however, when PDS approaches he has the proposals to proffer.

Dr Oteng- Gyasi was speaking at TV3’s monthly Business Focus special programme, ‘Time With The Captains’.

The former board chairman of ECG opined that privatization of ECG was an excellent decision given that the state-owned company was constantly facing debt issues.

He stated that the difficulties PDS is facing has got nothing to do with turning the fortunes of the company but rather insurance guarantees.

The renowned entrepreneur further denied claims that he has shares in PDS.

According to him, a 5 per cent stake in the PDS agreement would have been a good deal.

He wished he had such a juicy offer but no deal of that nature was given him.

“PDS is a private company and it is only the owners who can make an offer to another private person like myself to become part of it and until they make me that offer, I don’t have it,” he said.

He explained that he had to resign as board chair of the ECG when he was appointed some time ago due to ailing health thus his inability at the time to help the company grow.


Source: 3news.com

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